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Alley Rejuvenation


Detroit, Michigan

Original Project Year:



To transform an underutilized space, in downtown Detroit, into an inviting area for the public to walk and socialize. Responding to the rapid transformation of Detroit's downtown into a safer, more public friendly, area.

The Site:

Artboard 5 2.png


Alley Site Map Coloured 1.png

The alley is located between State Street and Grand River Avenue, parallel to Griswold Street. Across Griswold Street is Detroit's historic Capitol Park; a public park in the center of Detroit's most dense residential neighborhood, occasionally used for small events such as traveling shops.

Building usage around alley

The Alley:

View of alley from Grand River Ave

View of alley from Grand River Ave.


View of alley from Capitol Park

Initial concept sketch Alley

Initial Concept Sketch

The initial concept was to create a contemporary, green space for the public to walk through. The form of the structure is a sound wave of a voice saying "Detroit". Part of the objective was to maintain the alley's original functionality for the businesses connected to it.

Using faux wood and metal planters, bringing a warm feeling into the alley is the main accomplishment of this design. The planters house low light plants such as mosses and ivy to insure little to no maintenance is required. Mosses can survive medium foot traffic and maintain its shape as well as provide as much oxygen as 78 trees per square meter. The structure also hugs the wall to allow the maximum amount of area to accommodate all pedestrians and businesses.

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