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A Fine Line

My art gallery, at its core, is an eidetic expression of an experience. It is meant to be a mirror for viewers to look upon and question the conclusions they come to about each image. A tool to get to know yourself better. "Why do you think what you think". This gallery represents the death of the artist.

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Expanded About My Work:

My artwork is driven by the idea of removing myself as much as possible in order to allow the artwork to create itself, to take on a life of their own. I am never in control of the final results of my work. After every piece I create, I reflect back on it and the two most recent before that; I analyze my pieces in order to learn more about myself. Every piece I make is a reflection of my overall emotional and mental state through whatever chapter of my life I’m living.


I seek to explore these emotions through the use of digital models. What expressions can be accomplished in a digital/virtual photography studio with the external world removed? We often use CGI for action sequences or capturing feats that would otherwise be impossible in the real world. But what artwork can be captured using the same processes and programs? Can we identify with a digital model? Can we feel an emotion that's being expressed by a manufactured creation that isn't actually experiencing anything. I seek to explore both the expression of experience through the removal of the artist's interpretations as well as the destruction of experience through the removal of the real world.

Paint Your Feelings

This series of paintings is a complete departure from my previous work. This is a series where I am in complete control of the outcome. This is an outward reflection of how I consciously feel emotionally in recent times. Personally, I love to compare the stark differences between these two series, from the subject matter to the motifs and colour pallets.

"Paint Your Feelings"
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