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Robin Texture Pack


The Robin Texture Pack is a Minecraft 1.16 texturepack (last release) made to be used with Optifine. Compatible Shaderpacks tested include: Continuum and SEUS Renewed.



Robin focuses on bringing you high-definition textures without sacrificing too much performance. Robin is a PBR (Physically Based Rendering) texturepack that brings photo-realistic textures to Minecraft without requiring an RTX graphics card.


Robin Texture Pack is still very much in development, and is therefore not yet ready for a full public release. However, if you want to download the latest version, it is completely free-the download link is below. Currently the only resolution available is x2048, thus lower-end PCs may have difficulty running the game. Downloading and installing Optifine will help tremendously.


Robin Texture Pack 1.16 x2048

Only download this one if you have a gaming PC


(will open a link to google drive)

Robin Texture Pack 1.16 x256

This one will work for laptops

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