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The phragmites bends to the weight of the bird, supporting its presence for the time being. When the bird leaves, the plant will bend back. Nature will always be disturbed by our presence, it is our duty to ensure that the environment continues to live while we occupy its space, and live on after we have left.

I have a strong focus on sustainability and responsibility in design as well as a special emphasis on making architecture available to everyone - large or small budgets. I strive to design sustainably on any budget.

In design, I am fascinated with the idea of coziness and comfort - with what makes a home feel like a home, and how I can bring that feeling into all forms of architecture.

What is Important to Me in Architecture?

Important in Archtecture

Site Context

Creating communication between the building and it's environment. Creating communication with the culture that surrounds the site. The cultural context may not be apparent for all projects, but when it is important, it becomes a guiding spirit that affects the form of the building. If you are using cultural examples from architecture then you must incorporate design traditions from that culture into your design, otherwise it becomes an imitation.


Tying into atmosphere, materiality is the foundation for atmosphere, the first impression. A good material palette should be the designer's handshake that invites you into the design. The materials are the paint that situates the building in a painting of the site. It should communicate with the colours and textures of its surroundings. Materials are also an ever changing element of the design; the right materials are under a constant state of flowing change as a result of the passage of time..


Aside from design, a community I can be apart of is important to me. Through architecture and art, I feel comfortable, I feel surrounded by like-minded people who take interest in a great many subjects. I find that, more than any other field, architecture and art are filled with people who take interest in such a variety of interests that its impossible to not find common ground with colleagues. Architecture is important to me because I feel like I belong to a community where I can be myself. And I hope to bring that sense of community with me as I engage with others in the field.


Touch, sound, sight, taste, direction, presence. Atmosphere creates that wordless feeling that every room and every building imposes when you use it. The atmosphere tells you how to use and experience the space. The atmosphere is that feeling you get when approaching the building, when entering the door, when you look around walking through the space, that feeling you get being present in the space. I believe it's important to create atmosphere. It's the difference between any other building and one that carries with it emotion and energy. 


Space is important. Space is what you occupy and that occupied space is important to quality of life. Spaces directly affect your mental health, and creating nice engaging spaces can improve someone's day-to-day life. For me, I find spaces that make me feel calm and relaxed, I try very hard to make my home a place of cozy contemplation; somewhere I can rest my mind and focus my thoughts. In my designs, I aim to help other people feel relaxed and safe, spaces that evoke a strong sense of of peace and calm.

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