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Modern Georgina Home


Lake Drive East, Georgina, Ontario


A modern style home across the street from lake Simcoe. The client's two biggest requests were to have a rooftop terrace, and an exposed basement. The 50-foot wide by 150-foot long lot presented opportunities to experiment with iconic looking architecture.

Render Left Side view 2.jpg

Rooftop Terrace

The rooftop terrace has a covered minibar and a hot tub with several planters decorating the area on one side; a barbecue and lounge area on the other side facing the lake.

Render Garden view 2.jpg
Render Garden view 1.jpg


The client wanted large floor-to-ceiling windows between the first and second floor with a single large cantilever roof. In place of a closed garage, a covered parking area is located in the back which opens up the backyard more. The home will go unused in the winter. The house uses large I-beams that wrap around every cantilever juxtaposed by a warm wood material.

The backyard has large sliding glass panels that open up the back patio to the kitchen bringing the outside into the home.

Render Front view.jpg
Render Back view 2.jpg
Render garage view.jpg
Render Left Side view.jpg
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