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Podfuscak Residence Extension

Architects for the Original House:

Tomislav Ćurković, Zoran Zidarić / Dva Arhitekta


Damir Sabol


Zagreb, Croatia

Original Project Year:



To create an extension to the home that communicates the same language as the original design

The Original House:

Photos by Robert Leš

The Extension:

Podfuscak residence extension sketch

Initial concept sketch

Initial ideas were to keep the rectilinear language of the facade, maintaining the waste brick and black steel materials throughout. This sketch shows the north facing facade with the extension and modification of the upper floor.

Model of the Original House

Creating a 3D model of the house was an easy task using the original floor plans for the house.

quarter view white.effectsResult.png
Quarter view final_edited.png

The Extension

The extension maintains the language of the original with a touch of a more contemporary feel. The large, framed, punched window style of the home carries through into the extension to keep continuity of the aesthetic. An additional floor was added as part of the extension which appears to be part of the original design. Budget was not an object for this project.

Image 1.effectsResult.png
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