Rendering and Design

We understand that it can seem overwhelming to select the right firm to help you with your project or to assist in presenting your designs. Firms vary so greatly in what they have to offer that it can be hard to understand the exact nature of the services that they provide. Robin introduces consistency and dependency into the field. We offer a rendering service and a design service, each broken down into detailed categories to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed.


We offer a free consultation so that we may better fit your budget. Call or e-mail us to get a free quote for any project. After selecting an option, our team will work closely with you to ensure that your project is represented in a way that will wow you or your clients.



  • Minimal

    The fastest and most affordable rendering service that we offer. The rendering will consist of a "Clay Model" version of the design at any size and resolution. Free consultation for every design.

  • Shaded

    A coloured version of the Minimal option; the rendering will have shaded in sections to represent the materials in the design. Great for early presentations and interior design. Free consultation for every design.

  • Textured

    This option allows you and your clients to get a good feel of what it's like to be inside the design. The renderings will have full textures of the designed materials for any and all rooms. This option is excellent for presenting to clients.

  • Lived in

    Our highest quality renderings. This options allows you and your clients to understand what the space may look like after a few months of use. Furniture placement feels and looks natural; activities are happening in the space (perhaps cooking in the kitchen, a meeting in the meeting room, a game of cards in the break room, ect..). This option also includes a VR experience which will allow you to actually be inside the space! Contact us for a free quote.



  • Advice

    Our most affordable design option. Schedule a meeting with us and receive our best advice from a designer's perspective on any topic. We can advise on a multitude of different subjects including: optimal window placement to maximize solar heat gain, material for your home, interior decorating advice, and much more. With this option you may also request a concept sketch from any of our designers.

  • sketching

    Our most popular option. This option is for getting ideas about what you want settled before committing to a full design. We schedule a meeting or exchange emails and one of our designers will sketch out the ideas you have and give their input. At the end of the meeting you will know exactly what you want. This is not an hourly service, it is fully dependent on the complexity of the design. Call for a free quote.

  • Drawings

    This option is a full design from start to finish. By selecting this option, you are hiring the full Robin Studio expertise for your project. Prices start at 80 ¢/sq foot for residential and $1/sq foot for commercial. All other project types are negotiable. Prices will vary depending on the project parameters. Contact for a free price quote.

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